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The Webtelligence Channel

Is a product education tool where it builds social connections between your customers, your products, and you're company. It allows you to hit Multiple Touch Points via Online real-time Engaged Communications Through Every Channel it has to offer. Using the Webtelligence Channel, you can tailor your connections in specific, relevant ways to each individual - to effectively learn about your product through interactive engagement!

Growing Your Business

Structured not as a collection of products, but as a unified platform - the channel provides the framework for complete, effective engagement solutions that are far more than the sum of the individual parts.

This Innovative paradaigm of 'product education' through social technology is structured by way of the Engagement Data Ecosystem focusing on the DATA or CONTENT and how it's being delivered to bring forth measurable results in business growth: Effectively Connecting Data between The Business and The Consumer

Multiply The Value

The Webtelligence 'Multimedia' Channel
Multiplies The Value

of businesses by enabling them communicate with their customers through engagements of multiple social mediums in a unified way � with the best attributes of popular social networking websites and online applications such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Mp3, Livestream and Google to name a few.

Webtelligence Channel

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