Who We Are

BizTechIQ University is a buiness incubator to help other businesses with their business purpose from start ups, to small businesses, to professionals in corporate america. Our centers provide business educational and training seminar workshops, professional development, leadership development, time management skills development, and technology solutions, just to name a few, to advance their business IQ.

At each of our centers, participants are always fully engaged beginning with a seminar on 'theory' business practices followed immediately by 'active theory' activities on how to maximize their full business potential. We even support follow up business development programs that are available in either live settings or virtual engagement to assist entrepreneurs in building their business brand.

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Why BizTechIQ University

Determining your WHY! At BizTechIQ University we help entrepreneurs of startups, small businesses, and corporate America to maximize their purpose of business in order to have a compelling business model that will turn into profits and prevent losses! No matter if your business is at the beginning stages or has been around for some time, ALL businesses need help with strong clarity, lazer focus and keen direction in order to become independently successful.

NO business can operate successfully without the business owner and/or team members of the organization. At BizTechIQ University we love helping business owners uncover their 'ah ha' moments with defining their 'WHY'. That's why our business model courses and programs are designed with careful techniques to highten the focus to hone in starting with the individual business owner first, then next the business at hand inorder to bridge the gap between inner and outer relative sources that makes the business 'itself' to be sustainable on its' own by the people and system(s) it operates by. It's important to know who you can TRUST with helping you build your business brand.

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Entrepreneurship Courses

Let's be honest, business owners start their business for one reason, to become financially independent!

Therefore, BizTechIQ University has adopted courses and technology platforms in entrepreneur development and brand building to helping business owners of small businesses position themselves for business acquisitions to generate revenue and mark milestones to their FULL purpose of becoming 'THE' dynamic business. You'll mastermind in areas such as:

At BizTechIQ University, we offer domestic and global markets reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective in-personand online seminars & workshops for various purposes. Our services include but not limited to educational business coaching, training, business development, technology solutions, sales marketing development, market and business intelligence, and channel development, as well as training assistance. You also can inquire on what we offer online with our Signature 'Biz Architecture' TM      Program. Save Big when you become a member to one of the special tracks..