Message From Founder

Welcme to BizTechIQ University. It's important to know who you can TRUST with helping you build your business brand. Every business owner no matter how big or small should always have a mentor or coach they can connect with to help shorten the distance in reaching their full business potential and making it to the next dimension. Therefore,BizTechIQ University was developed with focus driven 'business centers' to ensure business intelligent and strategic busines academia lesson plansto give individuals (the CEO, the HR Manager, the Manager, the Sales Professional, and the Individual) at every level the tools and awareness to build a firm blueprint 'roadmap' business model built with strong clarity, lasor focus and a keen purpose. It is too often that the 'entrprenuer' or 'business owner' recieves improper guidance or lack of support from industry leaders remunerating maximum costs.

I founded BizTechIQ University to help the individual business owner receive proper business instruction from our facet of professional experts with over 20 years of experience in the entrepreneurial, marketing, and technologyfields. Understanding your 'business purpose' or 'business why' will guarantee your business the outcome of becoming independently successful. My aim is to provide you not only the business 'capacity building' workshops and signature bootcamps here at BizTechIQ University but also entrepreneurial training as the 'entrepreneurial business owner' of your business. I always tell my clients' that your business is as strong as you 'the individual'.

My personal vision is that you will become fully cognizant of your business 'why' in order to become the innovator you were created to be and embrace the next level of your full potential and vision of success. As the backbone of your business one must be fully developed in their business profession and educated with a strong business foundation. In order for that to happen, you MUST make your personal development and your professional education a priority. Therefore, in addition to our 'Workshops' and 'Bootcamps' I have also developed a 'biz member 'community for entrepreneursthe opportunity to gain life changing association to foster their business growth, sustainability, and vitality in today's competitive market.

I invite you to become a member to the BizTechIQ Signature 'Architecture Program' TM       and get connected with like-minded community members, ambitious business owners and driven executives. Here a consistent support system is made available to its' members make sure you stay up-date on business tools,skills, resources, and processes to elevate your personal and business brand. Members of this community also receive additional discounts to our workshops and bootcamps for extended education to maximize their business 'why' propelling aspiring and servant entrepreneurs to collectively interact in an effort to promote cooperative relationships that produce quality business networks.

So come join us, we invite business owners from all walks of business to become a part of a richful business environment! You'll be glad you did.

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